How to Post your First Article on WordPress With Proper SEO

Posting an article on WordPress is the very easy task, but there are some factors you should keep in your mind while posting an article on WordPress. The most important thing in posting on WordPress is that the On-Page SEO factors matters in this thing there are several rules of On Page SEO which you should keep in your mind in regards to getting higher ranking on Search Engine.

On Page SEO Rules while Posting an Article on WordPress:

If you want that your blog post or article should get greater or better ranking in Google or any other search engine, you should follow the proper ON PAGE SEO rules which are mentioned below:

  1. Write A lengthy article, do the proper research before writing and then combines all the points and then write an article. Google 2015 report says that the article which contains more than 2060 words, they have better chance to get ranked easily in Google as compare to the lesser words Article. (Minimum length should be 500 words).
  2. Use Long Tail Keywords instead of shorter keywords. The benefit should be that you can target more than two keywords in any long tail keyword and hence there are more chance to get ranked easily in Google. Plus there are the different type of people in the world and their way of searching things are also different. So if let’s say for example someone is writing on iPhone 7 and the other guy is searching for iPhone 7 specifications, but if you use the long tail keyword like iPhone 7 specs and price, so three things come under one title i-e the iPhone 7, iPhone 7 specifications and the iPhone 7 price.
  3. Use relevant keywords inside the post do not only rely on focus keyword, but your focus keyword should also be used maximum eight times for 1000 words and for more words you can use the relevant keywords in the post. For example, you are writing on the upcoming Samsung Galaxy s7, and this is your focus keyword you can use this in your title, at the start of the article i-e that is the first para and the last para too. But inside the post, you can also use Galaxy S7, upcoming Android S7, Samsung s7 and much more.
  4. Do some research for the keywords from Google Adplanner properly, look for more keywords, also see the competition i-e the keywords having low competition and maximum searches are the thing on which you should write on. (You Can also use other Keyword Finder tools like Ahref, SEMrush, etc)
  5. Your Meta Description is critical use at least 2, three keywords in your meta description. But on the other hand, if you have used 1 or 2 best keywords at the start of the article i-e in the first para and also in the first 2 line then WordPress automatically detect them and makes a good and useful meta description for you.
  6. Do not use HEADING 1 in your blog post. Heading 1 is your title, rely on HEADING 2 and use your focus keyword in your line 2. You can also use the Heading 3 for the ending part and the conclusion.
  7. Images which you post your blog post plays the critical role in your ON Page SEO; many bloggers don’t focus on the pictures, they don’t fill the title and alt text portion in the images. You should use your focus keyword in your alt text and give a picture a meaningful title.

How to Post on WordPress:

Make sure that you should write an article in MS Word format first. Do not add too many pictures in one article; you should rely on words and not on the picture. In my case, I will suggest that 5 to 6 images are enough for 1500 words post. Save the images in another folder and install the CESIUM IMAGE COMPRESSOR, you should first compress the picture then post it on WordPress, if you don’t compress the picture then it will effect the website speed which is not the real thing. The step b step process is showing below:

How to Post your First Article on WordPress

WordPress Blank Screen

  • Go to your WordPress login page. For example or
  • Enter your desired username and password and hit ENTER.
  • Your DASHBOARD will be open. In the top Bar, click on NEW and then POST.
  • A Screen will be open similarly like the MS Word.
  • In the first copy the Title and Paste it on the Title Bar.
  • Then Copy the whole content and paste it in the Text bar.
  • Then click on ADD MEDIA and upload your images you want to add in the blog post. Leave the pictures part and come back to the post.
  • Underline the Headings and give HEADING 2 tag to all of them except for the conclusion part i-e you should give HEADING 3 to the end.
  • Go to the bottom part of the post on YOAST SEO, enter your focus keyword in the desired part, when you enter, a list will appear below the focus keyword bar.
    • It will further contain many places, if you have followed the proper SEO rules, then the Color must be GREEN, but if your content doesn’t match with SEO, then the color will be ORANGE or RED.
    • Enter your meta description correctly; it should contain your focus keyword.
    • Your images should provide the alt text; you should use your focus keyword in the image’s alt text.
    • The copy score must be Good; it just means that you should not use the text content. The content must be plagiarism free and unique.
    • Your focus keyword should be there in your HEADING 2.
  • Drag your mouse where you want to put your favorite image, just go there, click on add media and select the picture you want to put in the blog post and hit POST. The image will appear in the desired location.
  • Finally, when all things are set, you will have CATAGORIES and TAGS section on the right side of your WordPress screen. Use relevant tags in the TAGS section like for example if you are writing on SAMSUNG GALAXY S7, so you should use SAMSUNG, GALAXY S7, SAMSUNG GALAXY S7 in the TAGS area. Tick the relevant category in the desired section like you are writing on any mobile device so you should tick the Android section or cell phone section. It helps the visitor to get the relevant information out of it.

How to Post your First Article on WordPress

Finally, when you are done with every section, click on POST the article so that your article should be published. You can also edit the post if you find any mistakes in it after posting. If you find any difficulty while posting an article on WordPress, you can ask in the comment box. I will try my level best to solve your issue.

Author: Asad Ashfaq

Asad Ashfaq is a Professional Blogger, An Entrepreneur, SEO Consultant and Trainer working online for last 3 years on the internet and managing several successful websites. He is Also Running his Pickle Company with the Name of Pekhawar Spice.

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