Dubai Workshop | Knowledge exchange and development for sustainable social Entrepreneurship in KP

Project Head: Dr. Mohammad Mohsin Khan

Project Principal Investigator: Dr. Sohail Yunis

Co-Investigator- Dr. Mohammad Nouman

UK Project Lead: Professor Alistair R Anderson

Workshop Facilitator- Hina Hashim & Amad Khan

Venue- Intercontinental Dubai Marina

Date: Saturday, 9 September 2017

Workshop Duration- 8.00 am-6.00 pm

Workshop Title: Knowledge exchange and knowledge development for sustainable social entrepreneurship in Khyber Pukhtunkhwa (KP) Pakistan.

Participants from UK:

Professor Alistair R Anderson (UK Project Lead)

Aberdeen Business School



Professor Monica C. Lent

Professor of Business Administration



Professor Heather Fulford

Professor Academic Director, Centre for Entrepreneurship



Dr. James Cunningham

Aberdeen Business School



Dr. Lin Xiong

Aberdeen Business School



Lecturer Carol Air

Aberdeen Business School



Participant from Pakistan


Dr. Mohammad Mohsin Khan

Project leader and director, Institute of Management Sciences (IMSciences)



Dr. Mohammad Sohail Yunis (Project principal investigator)

Assistant Professor, Institute of Management Sciences (IMSciences)



Dr. Mohammad Nouman (Project Co-investigator)

Assistant Professor, Institute of Management Sciences (IMSciences)



Miss Hina Hashim

Research Associate



Mr. Amad Khan

Research Associate



The RJU- Workshop “Knowledge exchange and knowledge development for sustainable social entrepreneurship in Khyber Pukhtunkhwa (KP) Pakistan” was organized by a team of the UK professors which works under the supervision of Professor Alistair R Anderson, in collaboration with the British Council, Higher Education Commission (HEC) of Pakistan, and National Productivity Office (NPO). The Project principal investigator from Pakistan was Dr. Sohail Yunis. The stated workshop is the first workshop of the third year of the three years project. The workshop facilitators are enrolled in MS Management Programme of Institute of Management Sciences. The aim of the workshop was to discuss the situation of the women social entrepreneurs of Peshawar, Pakistan, and the various challenges and barriers that they are facing during their entrepreneurial journey.

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The participants also worked on exploring different research areas, research journals for possible future studies. The discussion was carried out under different theoretical lens such as an institutional and feminist theory. At the end, three research areas were identified and finalized. Participants were divided into three subgroups and the finalized areas were distributed among the groups according to their interest. In the concluding session, the Project Lead Dr. Mohammad Mohsin Khan discussed Ph.D. and Post Doc opportunities for the students and teachers of IMSciences at the University of Aberdeen in the near future. All in all, it was a very interactive session between the facilitator and the participants through panel discussions. One key aspect of the workshop was that it encouraged people-to-people contact and a better understanding and appreciation of each other vis-à- vis UK and other parts of the world.

Workshop Schedule with Session Plan:

Session 1 (10:00 am- 11:30)

The workshop started with a warm welcome and introduction speech by Professor Alistair R Anderson. He shared the objectives of the project and his international experience of interaction with social entrepreneurs. The participants then introduced each other. One of the participants Amad Khan joined through Skype.

Welcome Coffee and tea

In the first session, participants were asked to discuss what they think about social entrepreneurship. The different definitional perspective of social entrepreneurship was discussed. The activity was done through a series of discussions about social entrepreneurship in KP, Pakistan with special reference to KP women, culture and norms. Different challenges and social pressures, barriers faced by KP women social entrepreneurs were discussed and shared with the UK participants. The role of social entrepreneurs as managers was discussed. Government’s policies were discussed and their role was evaluated as for whether top-down approach is being used or bottom up. After evaluating these aspects the participants analyzed how much these aspects contribute to the existing theories.

Morning Coffee/ Tea Break

Session 2 (11:30 am-13:30 pm)

In this session, the participants discussed the situation of male vs. female social entrepreneurs in KP, Peshawar Pakistan in the light of the data that has been collected by the Research Associates and MS management students from social entrepreneurs of KP under the supervision of the project principal investigator Dr. Mohammad Sohail Yunis. The data was thoroughly discussed with the UK participants and was analyzed in the light of different theories such as institutional theory and feminist theory. Push and pull factors of KP social entrepreneurs male and female were discussed and compared, barriers, issues and challenges that they are facing were also thoroughly discussed. The possible reasons to such behavior towards social entrepreneurship were also discussed. The possibility of a comparative study with Pakistan and other countries such as China and Canada was also explored. The participants focused on exploring different research areas for possible future studies. The participants admired the efforts, bravery of the female entrepreneurs of KP Peshawar who are working to achieve their dreams despite the strong social and cultural barriers.

Session 3 (15.30pm – 17:30pm)

Final Conclusion & Participants Queries

This was the concluding session in which many discussions took place. Three research areas/topics were identified and finalized. A list of targeted journals was discussed. The participants were divided into three groups and each group was given the opportunity to work on the selected research area of their choice. Research areas and group member are mentioned below,

Research Area: Pedagogy – Social Entrepreneurship

Group Members: Dr. Muhammad Nauman, Professor Heather Fulford & Miss Carol Air

Research Area: Institutional & Feminist Theory

Group Members: Professor Alistair R Anderson, Dr. Mohammad Sohail Yunis, Miss Hina Hashim

Research Area: Social Capitol– Social Entrepreneurship

Group Members: Dr. James Cunningham, Dr. Mohammad Sohail Yunis, Dr. Lin Xiong, Amad Khan

After the selection, the participants divided into their respective groups and further discussed their selected topics. A time period of 6 months was allotted for finalized versions of these research papers.

Project head and Director IMSciences, Dr. Mohammad Mohsin Khan further discussed PhD and Post Doc opportunities for the students and teachers of IMS respectively with the participants. This will be a great opportunity for the scholars and faculty of IMSciences to peruse their PhDs and Post Doc at the University of Aberdeen in the near future. All in all it was an interactive session.

Dubai Workshop

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