Become a Reddit Expert| Account Making & Best Reddit Tips 2017

Reddit is called “the front page of the internet,” many people complain that they didn’t know how to use Reddit to increase their Blog traffic. Earning from a blog is always based on Traffic, the more traffic you have on your blog, it means you can make more Dollars, in short. In this post I am going to show you step by step process that how will you sign up for the front page of internet, I mean Reddit and how will you increase your KARMA number and I will also let you know that what are the things you should keep in your mind while posting your website link on Reddit.

You should be very careful while using Reddit or posting a link to your blog on Reddit because if you do not follow the right step you will be BAN from Reddit and if your blog is ban for once, it will not be unbanned at any cost.

Step by Step Process of Using Reddit is given below:

STEP # 1: How to Make Reddit Account:

Now I am going to show you step by step process that how can you use Reddit. Be focus on each and every Point and if you find any issue you can ask in the end i-e Comment Box.

In the first step go to . on the Right side of this Reddit page you will find search, and on the top of search bar you will see two option, one is Sign in, and the other is Sign up. Click on Sign Up.

Reddit Preview

When you click on Sign up, a new window will be open. On the left side of this new window, you will find CREAT A NEW ACCOUNT. It will further contain 4 options:

  1. Choose a username
  2. Password
  3. Verify Password
  4. Email
  5. & Sign Up.

Fill out these Four options and click on SIGN UP.

Your account is ready for use. You will find your desired Username which you have selected in the right corner.

(Note: when you sing up for REDDIT, you will find a Verification Email from Reddit. You should click on this click to VERIFY your account, it’s just a one-click process).

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STEP # 2: How to Make IMGUR Account:

The 2nd step is to how will you make IMGUR account, as when you post a picture on Reddit. First, you have to upload the same photo on and then you can share the link of Imgur on Reddit. Go to, and on the right corner you will see two option, one is Sign in, and the other is Sign up. Click on Sign Up.

IMGUR Account Preview

When you click on Sign up, a new window will be open, it will have many options like the first tells u that you can sign up to Imgur using your social accounts like Facebook, Twitter, Google, and below this row you will find to sign up using EMAIL. I personally recommend you to sign up using your EMAIL. You will find further 4 options:

  1. Username
  2. Email
  3. Password
  4. Retype Password
  5. & Sign up

Fill out these Four options and click on SIGN UP.

Your account is ready for use. You will find your desired Username which you have selected in the right corner.

(Note: when you sing up for IMGUR, you will find a Verification Email from Imgur. You should click on this click to VERIFY your account, it’s just a one-click process)

Now I am going to show you 3 links below, you should Bookmark these 3 links to use REDDIT more quickly. The links are:

STEP # 3: How will you INCREASE your KARMA Links:

I am going to teach you how will you improve your KARMA Links step by step. Follow these steps carefully

Karma Decay

  • You will find 2 options on this website, one is upload image, and the 2nd one is search image through URL.
  • Paste the copy image URL in the URL bar of KARMADECAY, and hit the search bar.
  • You will find out that whether this picture was previously uploaded on REDDIT or not, if YES! Then you should change the picture, but if the result is NO then, this film can give your KARMA LINKS.
  • Now Go to, on the top left corner you will find UPLOAD IMAGES tab, click on it, a new tab will be open.
  • It will contain 2 options, you can upload the picture, or you can just enter the desired URL. (URL METHOD RECOMMENDED).
  • When you enter the URL, another option will arise on the bottom that is UPLOAD.
  • Click on UPLOAD.
  • Your picture will be uploaded, and you will find it out on the screen.

Now leave that page, and open a new TAB and go to On the top bar, you will find the very high categories or SUBREDDIT of this community. Click on AWW level, a new Reddit page will be open. You will find many posts. On the right side, your will find an option with the name of SUBMIT A LINK. Click on that.

  • When you click the button a new window will be open.
  • Go back to your IMGUR page, on your right corner you will find 5 links. In the second line, you will find DIRECT LINK. Copy that link.
  • Go to your REDDIT SUBMISSION page, in the 2nd line you will fin URL, paste that IMGUR link here.
  • Also give this image a very eye catching Title. And Click on Submit.
  • Your Image will be uploaded in the Same Subreddit, and you can check that by clicking on your username in te top right corner of Reddit Page.

People will give your upvotes, and one upvote mean one KARMA link. Reddit is a huge community, and you can get thousands of like and upvotes on just one picture.

NOTE: keep a thing in your mind that you must post the relevtn picture in their relevant category. Like If you want to share any funny photo on Reddit then you must post the funny picture in FUNNY SUBREDDIT (you can find the subreddits on the top Bar). Do not post funny images in AWW category or AWW images in Funny Category.

NOTE: For the first 2 mistakes Reddit community will warn you by showing a message that your post is deleted because of this Reason. After repeating the same mistake again and again, Reddit will Ban you permanently from a Subreddit, and then you can not post anything in that Subreddit.

NOTE: you must follow the same procedure of KARMADECAY and for uploading pictures and gifs on Reddit. When your KARMA reach to 1000+, then you can directly post your blog post link to the relevant subreddit with an unusual title so that people can come and visit your BLOG.

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Points to remember while using REDDIT:

  • You can make only one account of Reddit on one Email.
  • Do not create more than 2 accounts on Reddit, on the same IP. (You can use Proxy, but NOT RECOMMENDED)
  • You must verify your credit account through your given EMAIL.
  • Be specifics while posting something on Reddit, Reddit is a great community.
  • Do not use any type of harsh language or bad words in any Sub-Reddit.
  • Before posting any picture must verify that picture using KARMADECAY, as this website will let you know that this picture is already on Reddit or not.
  • Post your pictures on com, and not on any other source.
  • Do not post your website link on Reddit, until you cross 1000 KARMA.
  • Do not focus only on KARMA link but COMMENT KARMA is also critical.
  • More KARMA links you have, just means that more visitors will visit your blog.
  • You can easily have 5k-10k visitors on your Blog through Reddit, which means you can easily earn $50-$70 from this much traffic on Google Adsense.

Now lets come to Part 2 of this Post i-e Best Reddit Tips 2017

Top 10 Best Reddit Tips 2017

Official Logo

  1. Do not post any link to your website with a new account. Wait for 10-12 days so that you got some existence on Reddit platform. Elsewise your account will get banned.
  2. Never post any link of your website in any subreddit until your post karma reaches 200+.
  3. You can increase your karma by posting different images at IMGUR and then sharing the IMGUR direct link into images, photos, aww, Cats, and many other related SubReddits.
  4. If you out the related link in this mentioned sub reddit your karma will reach to 200+ in just 3-7 hours.
  5. Never Ever log out from Reddit platform just after posting a link. Spend almost 15 to 20 mins as you post anything on Reddit after that you can leave the platform. The main logic behind this thing is that if you log out from Reddit just after posting the link, so it shows that you are a spammer and you will get banned.
  6. Keep a significant Gap between post. It would be better if you take a 30 minutes gap between the post.
  7. For increasing your karma link more quickly, try to post in Aww Subreddit instead of any other. The reason is that it has the most subscribers and active members.
  8. When you are signing up for Reddit, they will ask you for your username. Try to add an English name with your name. The reason is that it will increase the trust level of Reddit community and the chances of getting more Karma are increased.
  9. Comment Karma is also important, and for that, you should ask a real question in the AskKarma subreddit. For a real problem try to find out a 2 to 3 to 4 years old question which got a maximum comment karma. Likewise, you should post a relevant question in that subreddit.
  10. Do not use multiple accounts from a single PC. By doing that your IP will be blocked by Reddit. For this, you can use any Proxy like FreeVPN, Hotspotshield, etc. for managing multiple ids from the same PC.

I Hope this article will help you in making an account on Reddit and getting Huge Traffic on your Blog. In Case if I missed anything, do mention here in the comment box. Thank You & Do Share with your Friends. Cheers!

Author: Asad Ashfaq

Asad Ashfaq is a Professional Blogger, An Entrepreneur, SEO Consultant and Trainer working online for last 3 years on the internet and managing several successful websites. He is Also Running his Pickle Company with the Name of Pekhawar Spice.

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